Ain Shams University & Cairo University Training

Location Cairo, Egypt
Host Institution Ain Shams University & Cairo University
Date 2022-09-12 - 2022-09-14

The training was held at the University of Ain Shams & the University of Cairo. The training featured several interesting lectures, as well as visits, delivered by university professors as well as industry professionals. The first training day kicked off, at Ain Shams university, with lectures regarding practical aspects of shallow geothermal designs followed with several case studies, from professors Marija Macenic and Tomislav Kurevija from University of Zagreb. The second and third training days were at Faculty of Engineering-Cairo University, featuring more sessions and discussions regarding design of pilot plants & characteristics of potential heat pumps offered by professors Cesar Chamorro from University of Valladolid & Professor Francesco Tinti from University of Bologna. These two days also included a visit to the pilot plant site at Faculty of Engineering-Cairo University, where we carried out several preliminary design and investigation tests and recorded results. Practical training on the thermal response test was also carried out on the same site, where we recorded some results. All tests' results were later discussed at Rock Engineering Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering-Cairo University.





  • Practical aspects/case studies for shallow geothermal designs at ASU
  • Practical aspects of the heat pump at ASU



  • Visit to the pilot plant site at CU
  • Design of the pilot plant, using data collected from the exploratory borehole at CU



  • Practical training on thermal response test machine at CU
  • Design of the pilot plant (Open Discussion) at CU
  • Characteristics of potential heat pumps for the pilot plant at CU