University of Aswan Training

Location Aswan, Egypt
Host Institution University of Aswan
Date 2022-03-06 - 2022-03-10

The training was held at the university of Aswan. The training featured several interesting lectures, as well as visits, delivered by university professors as well as industry professionals. Focusing on the Geological aspect of Geothermal Engineering, the training included lectures from the university professors, as well as guided visits to showcase the capabilities of geothermal energy in climate control on a large commercial scale. It mainly included a capacity building workshop on ground source heat pumps; their fundamentals and types; and their uses in power generation/cooling from high/low enthalpy geothermal resources.






  • Ground-source heat pumps. Part 1; Introduction: cooling and heating systems in buildings; Fundamentals of heat pumps; Components and refrigerants; Types of heat pumps: ground-source heat pumps.
  • Power generation from high-enthalpy geothermal resources"; Thermodynamics of the energy conversion processes; Dry-steam and flash steam power plants; Energy and exergy analysis applied to geothermal power systems; Working parameters optimization.



  • Ground-source heat pumps. Part 2; Applications of ground-source heat pumps; Design conditions; Potential of ground-source heat pumps; Case study.
  • Power generation from low-enthalpy geothermal resources; Binary cycle power plants; Energy and exergy analysis; Hybrid geothermal power systems; Advanced geothermal energy conversion systems.



  • Modelling of the shallow geothermal borehole field reservoir engineering in Egypt for cooling"; Borehole field operation simulation using GHX macro excel software spreadsheet. On building example in Cairo, considering climate and thermogeological input parameters.
  • Geothermal reservoir engineering with well doublets"; different models of geothermal brine production (aquifer or hydrothermal reservoir, hot dry rock or EGS with fracturing) will be presented, using GeoPhires v2.0. software, considering thermogeological, petrophysical and hydrodynamical input parameters.



  • Revitalization of mature oil & gas fields into geothermal resources - economics, regulation, and management"; general procedure of revitalization process of mature oil and gas fields with bottom-type aquifer.
  • Revitalization of mature oil & gas fields into geothermal resource - economics, regulation, and management"; a real example and case studies of Ivanić-Grad oil field and Leščan abandoned field in Croatia, entire regulation, management, and techno economics will be presented for such projects; highlighted potential for Egypt.